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August 14, 2011
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"Leafpool, can I speak with you?"
"Sure Cloudtail. What is it?"
"There's a thorn stuck in my paw."
"I see." Cleavepool walked away from the herbs she was sorting and over to Cloudtail. "Hold out your paw, please."
Cloudtail held out his paw. Cleavepool took a hold to the thorn in her mouth and pulled it out.
"So," Cleavepool said as she spit out the thorn. "Who's going to the gathering tonight?"
"I'm not sure. Firestar hasn't announced it yet.
"I hope I get to go."
'Oh Cloudtail. You will be there. Just not how you expect to be...' Cleavepool thought with a grin.
"Well, I guess I'll see you later, Leafpool." As Cloudtail turned to leave, Cleavepool took out a syringe that was hidden in her herb supply. She charged at him and as she did, Cloudtail turned his head and was shocked when the syringe was stuck in his neck and the plunger was pushed in, causing whatever medication that was in it to go into his bloodstream.
"W-what? W-what was that f-for?" Cloudtail's speech started to slur as the paralyzer started to work. He blinked, and then the world went black.
Cloudtail tried to open his eyes, it was difficult. He couldn't move his body. In fact, it took most of his strength to open just one eye. He tried to look around. Everything was fuzzy, but he could tell that he was not in camp. In fact, it looked as if he was on the island. But why would he be there? And why couldn't he move? He tried to remember, but only got a headache. Suddenly, he heard a cat coming.  He tried opening his jaws to speak, but they wouldn't move.
Cleavepool walked into sight. She was carrying something sharp... and shiny. It looked like a twoleg thing. She set it down and walked over to Cloudtail.
"I'm sorry Cloudtail. But I  have to do this. I wish I could have killed you first, but it'll be more fun this way..."
Cloudtail's eye widened a little in terror. What was she going to do to him? Why did she have to do it in the first place?
Cleavepool picked up the shiny object and walked over to Cloudtail. "It's a cleaver, if you want to know," She spoke around the 'cleaver' she was holding in her mouth.  "If I do this right, you will stay awake while your insides are removed..."
Cloudtail was now terrified. He could do nothing. All he could do was sit and watch as the 'cleaver' tore his belly open. He couldn't even scream in terror. His paralized mouth kept his screams locked in his throat. He could feel the warm blood gushing out of his wound. He wanted to shut his eyes as Cleavepool started removing his organs, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.
"Now Cloudtail, I am done. I'm going to leave you here, now. You should die very soon. See you tonight at the gathering..."
Firestar led his group of cats out of the camp and toward the lake. Cleavepool felt excited. She couldn't wait to see what everyone would do when they found Cloudtail near the base of the tree that the leaders used to announce things at gatherings. She didn't bother remembering what name they had given it, It wasn't important. Her pelt felt like ants were crawling through it as Firestar jumped onto the log that they used as a bridge. Everyone followed him, Cleavepool followed last. She could tell that ThunderClan was the first to arrive by the quietness. Either that, or the other clans had found Cloudtail's body already...
As she jumped down off of the bridge, she heard a scream of terror. She tried her best to hide her smile and  try to act concerned as she pushed her way through the ThunderClan cats that were frozen in fear. She stopped. Brightheart was standing a few tail lengths from Cloudtail's body. Crows were eating it.  The crows were cawing and making an awful lot of noise. Cleavepool could hear more cats walking across the bridge. She guessed that it was RiverClan. And she was right. Lepoardstar pushed her way through the crowd of shocked cats. "What in StarClan's name is going on?" She hissed. She stopped when she saw the ginger and white she-cat that was staring at her dead mate.
Then Firestar spoke. "W-what happened t-to Cloudtail?" The leader's voice was unstable, and he was shaking.  
Everyone was to shaken by what they saw to say anything. Soon WindClan and ShadowClan showed up too, all asking why everyone was so quiet until they saw the body. There was silence until Blackstar asked, "So what do we do? Do we continue the gathering?" Firestar quickly thought about it. I guess we will move Cloudtail's body out of the way for now and continue the gathering. For once, Cleavepool was shocked. She had thought that the cats would have been too shaken to even think about continuing the gathering. But she still walked up to Firestar and asked if he needed help carrying him. He nodded and asked  Brightheart to come over and help. She slowly nodded her head, still to shocked to speak. The crows were still devouring Cloudtail's body. They only moved when Cleavepool dashed at them, scaring them away for a minute before they tried coming back.  She refused to let them continue eating him.
Firestar, Brightheart and Cleavepool picked up Cloudtail's body and carried it to the log bridge. They crossed it and set Cloudtail down at the end. They quickly hurried back across and Firestar walked over to the base of the tree, stopping to walk around the blood stained spot on the ground. He started climbing the tree trunk, and the other leaders followed. Firestar went first. He explained how Brambleclaw was missing and so was Squirrelflight. He told everyone to keep an eye out for them and tell him if they saw them. The other leaders talked about how the prey was running and then the gathering broke up. Cleavepool, Firestar and Brightheart stopped to pick up Cloudtail's body and headed back to camp with the rest of the cats from ThunderClan.
"Tonight, we sit vigil for Cloudtail. He was a good warrior and we will all miss him" Firestar announced after everyone had returned and Cloudtail's body was set in the middle of the camp. Cleavepool wasn't interested in sitting vigil. In fact, she would much rather go back to her medicine cat's den and sleep. She walked away from the body of the cat that she had murdered earlier that day, and padded straight to her nest and layed down. She fell asleep, thinking about who she would kill next...
She awoke the next morning to commotion outside of her den. She grumbled and stood up, walking outside because she knew she wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep now. Sandstorm was in the middle of the clearing, along with Birchfall and Dustpelt. They were panicking.
"Firestar!"  Sandstorm called. She waited to see the ThunderClan leader's head poke out of his den before she continued. "It's Squirrelflight. We've found her."
Yes. Chapter 3. Took me long enough >.>


So yeah. No preview image this time, cause like, I'm on my laptop. Soooooo yeah. FAAIIILLL

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Amberblaze0726 Featured By Owner May 10, 2014   Digital Artist
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Some parts of this story are extremely similar to Cupcakes, that must have been what inspired you, eh?
I bet you one of her last victims will be Crowfeather >:D Idk, I'm only on chapter 3
RoryGoesPchooo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope, I read cupcakes months after the latest chapter I wrote for this story. This story began as a joke story that mixed warriors and higurashi together.
Skylark23 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Oh, I see. So many parts are similar though! Hm, strange, but I love this story!
chole785 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Cleavepool started removing his organs." 

Then I barfed....
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