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Cleavepool stared blankly into the clearing.  Sandstorm was horrified.  "W-We couldn't move her body. Not until you saw her, Firestar." Firestar froze. Cleavepool looked around. Everyone was horrified. She couldn't blame them. Finding Cloudtail at the gathering and now having Squirrelflight's body show up. Then Ashfur spoke.
"We have to go get her body, Firestar. We can't just let it sit there..."
"...You're right Ashfur. Brightheart, Sandstorm, and Leafpool. Can you come with me to go get her?"
The four cats traveled through the forest, Sandstorm leading them to the place where Squirrelflight's body was. Cleavepool could already smell the stench, and they were still aways away from it. Cleavepool's eyes started to water the closer they got to the body. In almost no time, they patrol pushed through the bushes and into the small clearing that Cleavepool had killed Squirrelflight in.
Squirrelflight was in the middle of the clearing, still caught in the fox traps.  She had started to rot, and crows had eaten part of her, and by the smell of it, a fox had too, when the body was still fresh. Firestar stared, frozen in fear. He clearly wasn't expecting this...  Crows had eaten her eyes, and had ate a lot of her rotting flesh.
Brightheart spoke up. "Firestar... I don't think we should bring her back... We should just bury her here."
Firestar blinked. "Yeah. You're right. The clan doesn't need to see her like this."
The patrol made it's way back to camp. When they got there, Firestar lept up to the highledge, and called a clan meeting.
"We buried Squirrelflight where she was... We didn't want to bring her back to camp... We were afraid that... It would disturb clan activities."
The clearing was filled with worried whispers, cats wondering why the body wasn't brought back, wondering why the body would disturb the camp... After Firestar ended the clan meeting and jumped down from the highledge, Cleavepool walked over to Brightheart. "Hey Brightheart, could you help me collect some herbs? The ones I need are near the ShadowClan border."
Brightheart looked up. Her eye that was dull grieving from the loss of Cloudtail brightened up when Cleavepool asked her to help. "Sure, Leafpool. I'm happy to help." She said with a smile.
Cleavepool faked a smile.  "Come on. Let's go."
The two she-cats walked through the forest, Cleavepool in front of Brightheart.  Cleavepool listened carefully. She couldn't hear Brightheart's pawsteps, but every time she turned her head to look behind her she could see the other she-cat walking behind her. Cleavepool quickly changed her pace, and as soon as she did, Brightheart changed her pace as well, making it so only one set of pawsteps could be heard.  'is she trying to mess with me by making our pawsteps match?' Cleavepool thought.
They reached the spot where the herbs were growing.  "We still have some in stock, but it's always nice to have fresh herbs." Cleavepool said and turned around. Brightheart was looking at her with a blank expression, and before Cleavepool could say anything, she had kicked dirt into Cleavepool's face.
"It hurts!" Cleavepool squealed and fell backwards. "What did you do to me?!"
Brightheart kept her face blank and walked over to Cleavepool who was writhing in pain on the ground, frantically trying to rub the dirt out of her eyes. She walked over to Cleavepool and stood over her. It was then that Cleavepool noticed the syringe in her mouth.
"No!" Cleavepool jumped to her paws and tryed to grab the syringe from Brightheart, but before she could reach her, Brightheart had kicked more dirt up, but this time some got in her face, too. Cleavepool took this chance and threw her to the ground. She had hiding places, scattered throughout thunderclan territory, hiding many weapons. In fact, there was one just in the bushes next to the herbs she was going to collect. Cleavepool ran to the bushes and grabbed the weapon.  Brightheart finally had rubbed the dust out of her eye and stood up, still holding the syringe in her mouth.
"If that's how you want to play, Brightheart, then fine!" She pushed a button on the weapon and it crackled and showed electricity. The two she-cats stood just a couple tail lengthes apart waiting for the other to make the first move.
"Make a move already, Brightheart! If you don't then I deffenetly will!" Cleavepool kicked up fallen leaves and ran through them, using them to hide her. By the time the leaves had fallen to the ground, Cleavepool was right infront of Brightheart, she bit down on her weapon, pushing the button again and shoved it into Brightheart's neck. She fell backwards, shocked by the sudden volt of electricity that had hit her.  Cleavepool walked over to her.
"How did you like that?" She asked and moved to where she was standing over the ginger and white she-cat. She grabbed the syringe from her, it was much easier now that the half-blind warrior wasn't holding onto it like her life depended on it. Cleavepool shoved it into Brightheart's front leg, pushing the plunger down.
"Heh. Teaches you to mess with me. This drug doesn't look like one I've used before... I wonder where you got it? Oh well. Let's see what it does to you." She took a few steps away from Brightheart and waited for her to do something.Brightheart stood up on shaking legs, and coughed.
"Oh come on! Look at you, you're pathetic! That was too easy! Now all that's left for me to do is sit here and watch you die. But I was really looking foreward to torturing you first, I really don't wanna give that up. Hey, I'll tell you what. How about we change the stage and move to a place where I can torture you?" Cleavepool laughed.
Brightheart shakily walked over to a stick that was lying on the ground. It was sharp and pointy on one end. She picked it up and turned to face Cleavepool.
"Well, it looks like you still have some strength left in you. I guess torturing you wouldn't be any fun if you didnt't. I'm sure I will have more fun driving nails through your paw if you're struggling while I do it."
"I'm sorry," Brightheart's tone of voice was different, somehow changed. "But I'm going to have to say no. Find someone else to torture."
"Now that's the kind of aditude I like. But Brightheart, tell me just how threatening do you think you are when you can barely stand?" Cleavepool's voice grew colder. "If you think you're getting out of this, then you're wrong."
"Well maybe we have different deffinitions for that. I could stay here and let you torture me to death, or I could just leave here now, and be through with this." Brightheart was shaking, Cleavepool didn't know if it was from fear, or from the drug that was running through her bloodstream.
"Leave here? Haha! I dare you to try it!"
Brightheart raised her head, the sharp stick she was holding in her mouth looked like it was waiting to stab someone. Cleavepool giggled and pressed the button on the weapon again. Instead of charging at Cleavepool, Brightheart threw the stick aside and walked a few pawsteps toward the nearest tree, witch had very low branches. One was broken off and sharp, Cleavepool guessed that was were the stick had come from.  
Without warning, the white and ginger she-cat slammed her head against the stick. Blood splattered on the trunk and on the ground. Brightheart moved her head away and did it again. And again. And again. Cleavepool's eyes widened. And after the seventh time Brightheart slammed her head  against the sharp branch, she fell to the ground. Cleavepool started laughing.  Blood was everywhere. Some was even on her face. It took her a little bit before her laughing turned into giggles, and then stopped. She had to hide the body... And what was a better place than across the ShadowClan border?
Cleavepool smiled. She grabbed the other she-cat's scruff and dragged her to the border, and didn't cross until she had made sure there wasn't any fresh ShadowClan scent. The only sent was slightly stale, no ShadowClan cats had been near there recently. Cleavepool dragged Brightheart's body over the border and hid it in a bush. She couldn't wait to see what would happen when ShadowClan found it...
Cleavepool finished cleaning the last of the blood off of her pelt. She decided that it was best to catch a mouse, so she would at least have an excuse to have been out of camp, because she hadn't collected any herbs, and now they had some blood splattered on them anyways. She heard a rustle in one of the bushes that was in front of her. She checked the wind direction to make sure that she was downwind from the mouse. She got into a hunting crouch and pounced, holding onto the mouse with her front paws and then gave it a quick bite to the back of the neck, killing it. She lifted her head, and smirked. She had an idea.
The brown medicine cat took her mouse back to where she killed Brightheart, looking for the syringe... When she found it, she carfully de-attached the needle from the rest of the syringe. Carefully, she pushed the needle into the mouse and picked it back up, careful not to bite into it to hard.
Cleavepool walked back into camp, almost running into Sandstorm. She blinked, and then smirked, but quickly hid it. "Sandstorm, I caught this mouse for Firestar, could you give it to him please? If I didn't have herbs that I needed to sort I would take it to him myself."
"Sure thing, Leafpool. Happy to help." She took the mouse from Cleavepool, and walked over to the rock pile that Firestar used to get up to the highlede. Cleavepool smirked and walked inside her den.
Firestar looked up when Sandstorm walked into his den. She was carrying a mouse.
"Here, Firestar. This might help you relax." Sandstorm set the mouse down in front of Firestar. She turned and walked out of the den.
Firestar sniffed the mouse, and took a bite. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain, and he spit the mouse out. His eyes widened in horror when he saw something shiney in the mouse... It looked like a dangerous twoleg thing. But why was it in his mouse? He froze. Sandstorm had given it to him. Was she trying to kill him? Was she the one who was responsible for Squirrelflight and Cloudtail's deaths?
If that was the problem, she had to leave. He didn't care that she was his mate, she had tried to kill him! He could taste blood and he felt some trickle down his chin.
Sandstorm had to go.
Cleavepool walked out of her den when she heard Firestar call the second meeting of the day. She frowned. The needle in the mouse must not have worked.
"Cats of ThunderClan. I just took a bite of a mouse that was given to me. There was a sharp twoleg thing inside of it. If I had swallowed it, it could have lodged in my throat, and I could have lost a life, maybe more," The cats in the clearing were shocked. "Sandstorm gave me the mouse. I'm afraid that she's trying to kill me... and may have killed Squirrelflight, and Cloudtail. Possibly Brambleclaw, who we can't find."
Sandstorm interupted him "But I didn't catch the mouse! It was given to me by-"
"Scilence! I don't care if you're my mate, you tried to kill me. Don't make excuses! I'm afraid that I'm going to have to banish you. From this moment on, you are no longer a ThunderClan cat. If you are seen in ThunderClan territory after tonight, you are tresspasing and will be chased off."
Sandstorm's eyes widened as Ashfur and Spiderleg escorted her out of camp.
Dude guys. Do. Not. Let. Me. Write. Chapters. Of. This. Story. While. Pulling. An. All. Nighter.
I'm serious. Even though I like, was watching Higurashi the whole time I was writing this, it just turned out... Meh.

For some reason, I have no more spell check. wtf. o3e

And i fucking hate the picture I drew for this chapter. The blood looks super fake. DAMNIT LAPTOP. Y U HATE ME?! :iconyunoguyplz:
but yeah. I... think school starts on the 30th... It's gonna be hard for me, cause this will be the first time going back to school in 2 years. And not to mention I'm starting high school. Ugh.
If I upload the picture that goes with this, It'll be in a few hours.

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